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Decameron Cartagena
Carretera 1 #1010 Bocagrande, Near Bocagrande Beach, Cartagena, 130001, Colombia
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Decameron Cartagena, Cartagena

Decameron Cartagena

The hotel offers a restaurant and a bar. Wireless internet access (for a fee) is available to guests in the public areas. Shopping facilities are also available. There is also a garden. The hotel is an imposing tower between the modern city and the walled city. The hotel's facilities are located opposite the beach in the tourist area of Bocagrande. Guests can have fun in the day with various recreational activities such as dance and aerobics classes. They are invited to relax and enjoy the beaches of Bocagrande, to travel by boat to the paradise Islas del Rosario, walk appreciating the historic walled city monuments, or simply to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the Caribbean hideaways.

Decameron Cartagena

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Value 4
Location 4.3
Cleanliness 3.9
Comfort 3.5
Neighborhood 4.1
Amenities 3.4
Condition 3.3
Quality 3.1
Recomendation 64.9%
“AVOID ! Go to the Hyatt or ANY other hotel in the city. Our stay was disastrous. First we arrive and they give us the worst rooms of the hotel, they are next to the ventilation system where you can't even hear yourself talk. Sleeping in that room ? Out of the question ! Then we managed to get the rooms changed after some difficult negotiations with the lobby. We had to make a reservation for everything, the reservation system was really bad and worked half the time. By some miracle we didn't have to make a reservation to go to the lobby bathrooms. One day we had a friend come because we were going to eat out, she absolutely had to go to the bathroom but the hotel REFUSED to let her go in the lobby. Is THIS 5 star hotel service (they pretend it is) ?! Not letting a guest's friend use the lobby bathroom ONCE????? We had to force the passage of our friend since it was either letting her use it, or her peeing herself in the reception. This is a TWO star hotel. At most. You'd think women would understand the needs of their gender but the ones that refused the most were women in the lobby! No sympathy from the staff. Terrible service, specially in the restaurant. The caterers rarely smile, they have a terrible attitude, you can't ask to change your table and ask for specific items (a coke with ice seems like a hard ask) without them complaining or making a face. It's as if they are doing US a favor when it is WE that paid (not cheap) for the stay. They told us they would send us a feedback form, our trip was in June and I am STILL waiting for the famous form. No wonder they haven't sent it. Decameron Cartagena Boca Grande? NEVER AGAIN!”
— José Luis Duque
“Good hotel, and good place to rest. Employees are the best part. I'm hapoy to choose Decameron Cartagena. Congrats for the very good attention.”
— Marco Tuzo